Sainsburys Collect in Store Feature

Selected Sainsbury’s shops are offering a wonderful feature to its loyal customers. The Collect in Store Service is an option available for users who are ordering from the Sainsbury online website. The service is absolutely free and allows its customers to place their orders online, skip the shipping charge, then pick up the order on the next business day in the nearest participating Sainsbury location. This collection option is a complimentary service offered by the wonderful Sainsbury shop and will spare the shoppers a little money, since they do not have to worry about a shipping fee.

There are a few specific directions that one must follow to properly fulfil the collect in store service however the process is quick and easy.

Here is how it works:

First, choose the items in which you would like to purchase via the Sainsbury online website. Check your postcode for the nearest Sainsbury location, or the location that you wish to pick your items up at.

Next, place your order before two o’clock pm on a week day and you will be able to pick up your order in that chosen store from four o’clock pm the following day. Now if you are passed the 2pm mark, don’t fret, you can still pick up your order in the store but it will take an additional day to gather. Again if you place your order by 2pm on a week day it will be ready to go by 4pm the following day and all orders placed after 2 will be ready one day later. Note: any orders that are placed on a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday will also be delivered an additional day later.

This delightful service is available for most of the items that Sainsbury offers on their online site but please note that some items are excluded and do not qualify for the Click & Collect option. The items that do qualify will be identified on the feature product page when you place your order. Please double check to make sure that the product you wish to purchase is one that qualifies for the collect in store option.

Once your order is complete please print out a copy of the order confirmation e-mail. This is of vital importance in order for Sainsbury to process the collection in the shop.

Now go enjoy some tea and relax while the Sainsbury team dispatched your order overnight from their warehouse so that you can retrieve within a day or two (depending on the time that you ordered the lot).

When picking up the items at the chosen Sainsbury location you will need to bring the following bits and pieces. You will need your photographic identification (this can be your driver’s license or passport) and you will also need your order acknowledgment email.

NOTE: If someone else will be collecting your items on your behalf, they must bring along your order acknowledgment, your ID and their own photographic ID. This process was put in place as a means to prevent scams and to protect the business’s customers.

Once in the store, look for the Click & Collect signs or please ask an associate to direct you to the right place. There, an employee will happily process your collection.

The Click & Collect desk hours are as follows:
8am – 8pm Monday through Saturday and all trading hours on Sunday.

Your order will be available for pickup in the shop for 7 days, however if you are unable to claim the parcels, please contact Sainsburys on 0800 328 1700.

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